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Multiple share classes, such as A, B and C Shares (also known as Alphabet Shares), offer a great deal of flexibility in providing different rights to different shareholders or groups of shareholders in a company.

There are three core rights attached to shares, the right to:

  • vote;
  • receive dividends; and
  • participate in the capital of a company on a winding-up (or otherwise).

By drafting appropriate articles of association, we have the ability to create additional classes of share and to assign appropriate rights to those classes. For example, by creating non-voting, non-dividend bearing, deferred or preference shares.

A practical example would be the provision of non-voting shares to employees or to family members of directors to allow the relevant shareholders to receive dividends without diluting the voting control of the company. There are a number of factors to consider here and please contact us to discuss.

For further details, please refer to our A and B Shares Service.

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