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Read below before having stationary printed.

  1. Letters, Compliments Slips, E-Mails, Faxes, Order Forms, Website

    The following information should be stated on all company letters, compliments slips, e-mails, faxes, order forms and on the company's website:

    • The full company name as registered at Companies House.
    • Where the company is registered (eg England & Wales, Wales or Scotland).
    • The company's registered number.
    • The address of the company's registered office.


    • If you want to state the name of a company director (other than in the text or as a signatory) then you must state all of the directors' names.
    • If the Company is a 'limited' company but has permission to omit the word 'limited' from its name - include a statement to that effect.
    • In the case of a Community Interest Company which is not a PLC, include a statement that the company is a limited company.
    • Include a statement that the company is an Investment Company (if it is one).

    Many businesses also state their VAT number if they are VAT registered, although this is not required.

  2. Business Cards

    State the full company name as registered at Companies House.

  3. Invoices

    Company invoices should state:

    • The full company name as registered at Companies House.
    • If the company is VAT registered it will need to display its VAT number and other details specified by HM Revenue & Customs.
  4. Other Correspondence and Documentation

    The full company name must be stated on:

    • All business letters.
    • Notices and other official publications.
    • Bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements.
    • Cheques.
    • Orders for money, goods or services, bills of parcels.
    • Demands for payment.
    • Receipts and letters of credit.
    • Applications for licences.
    • Other business correspondence and documentation.
  5. Registered Office and Business Addresses

    The company also needs to display its full name in a place that can easily be seen by a visitor at:

    • its registered office;
    • every location (other than an address which is primarily a residential address) at which it carries on business; and
    • any other place where it's records are kept available for inspection (likely to be the registered office).

    Before 1st October 2008 companies were obliged to display their company name outside of the above locations (normally on a brass plate).

    From 1st October 2008 displaying the full name of the company inside the above locations is acceptable, therefore you no longer need to purchase a brass name plate unless you want to. Special rules apply if more than six companies occupy the same office or place.

    From 1st October 2008, companies that have been dormant since their incorporation are no longer required to display their company name at their registered office (or any other office or place).

  6. What if I don't display the company's details?

    If the required information is not stated, the company's directors and the company secretary (if it has one) may be liable to pay criminal fines.

    In certain circumstances individuals may also find that they have entered into an agreement personally, rather than on behalf of the company. For example, if Mr Smith orders goods without mentioning that he is doing so on behalf of a company he may be liable to pay for the goods himself.

    If in doubt err on the side of caution and provide more rather than less information.

  7. What if the company trades under a different name to the name registered at Companies House?

    If the company wants to trade (or operate) under a name which is not the same as its full company name then it will have to state all of the details mentioned above, as well as its trading name.

    Please note that there are restrictions on the words and phrases you can use in your trading name. These are similar to the restrictions on company names. For example the use of the word 'British' is restricted.

The information provided on this website is intended as a general guide only. It is not exhaustive or tailored to your individual circumstances. Please consult our Website Terms of Use for further information.


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