Our Confidentiality Agreements (also known as non-disclosure agreements) are suitable for use in relation to the disclosure of confidential information in a wide range of corporate and commercial situations.

They are governed by the law of England and Wales.

If you are intending to disclose valuable confidential information, such as trade secrets or financial information, then we strongly recommend that you enter into a confidentiality agreement. Please note that certain professionals, such as your accountants, bankers and lawyers owe you an automatic duty of confidence in certain circumstances – a confidentiality agreement is often not required when disclosing information to them.

What does our package include?

  1. Telephone Consultation – to provide guidance and take detailed instructions.
  2. Confidentiality Agreement – a comprehensive agreement tailored to your requirements.
  3. Guidance – written in plain English.

Confidentiality agreements need to be carefully tailored to fit the circumstances of the disclosure, the purpose of the disclosure and the extent to which the information might be used by the recipient. We do not provide a standard confidentiality agreement that claims to fit every situation. We draft our agreements to meet your specific needs.

By way of example, you may need a confidentiality agreement if you are disclosing information in any of the following circumstances:

  • Entering into a joint venture.
  • Negotiating the sale and purchase of a business.
  • Auctioning your business.
  • Entering into an agency or distribution agreement.
  • Entering into a consultancy agreement.
  • Entering into an outsourcing agreement.
  • Entering into a commercial agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement Drafting Service.

Total Price: £500 + VAT