All companies registered in England and Wales are obliged to have a registered office located in one of those countries. You may use our central Birmingham office as your company’s registered address.
What does our Registered Office Service include?

  1. Use of our central Birmingham office as your company’s official address.
    Your Company Name
    Front Suite, 1st Floor
    Charles House,
    148-149 Gt Charles Street,
    Birmingham B3 3HT
  2. Drafting the necessary resolutions and filings to inform Companies House of the change in your registered office location.
  3. Forwarding a reasonable volume of post in electronic form.
    What is ‘Reasonable’?
    ‘Reasonable’ in this context is all post from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs and up to thirty other items per year. All Post is treated in the strictest confidence.
  4. Acceptance of mail for which a signature is required (for example registered post). Parcels can be accepted by separate arrangement.
  5. Forwarding hardcopies of your post to an address of your choice by separate arrangement.
  6. Displaying your company’s name at the registered office.
  7. There are some restrictions. The following are not included in our Registered Office Service:
    • You may not attend or conduct business at our offices. However you may, of course, visit Legal Clarity.
    • We note in particular (but without limitation) that we will not read your post or perform any company secretarial services for or on your behalf, including (without limitation) the completion or filing of any document.
    • We will not hold your statutory registers unless you ask us to do so. An additional charge would be levied for this service. It is your responsibility to notify the Registrar of Companies of the location at which your statutory registers can be inspected.
    • If we move offices then we will also move your registered office to our new office location.

What does the service cost?

Total Price: £200 + VAT

Why do companies use this service?

Enhanced Reputation

Start-up companies often operate from the residential address of a director or shareholder. If a residential address is used as the registered office of the company it will appear on the public record at Companies House and must also be disclosed to customers, suppliers etc. Using our UK Registered Office Service provides your company with an official business address, enhancing its reputation.

Preserving Privacy

A company’s registered office address appears on the public record at Companies House. Using our service allows the company to keep residential addresses private. We note that since October 2009 directors, shareholders and other officers of the company may provide a ‘service address’ in place of their residential address, so that residential addresses no longer have to appear on the register available for public inspection. Our UK Registered Office Service includes the use of our office as your directors’ service address.

Legal Requirement

UK companies are required by law to have a registered office in the country in which they are incorporated (or in the case of a company registered in England and Wales, in one of those countries). Companies without a presence in the UK are obliged to establish a UK office or use a UK Registered Office Service when forming a UK company.