10 deals in 4 days

May 12, 2021

Commercial law firm in Birmingham delivers 10 complex business deals in just 4 days.

Why so many deals so fast? 

With the fear of an imminent hike in capital gains tax to be announced in the March budget [(which never materialised)], it was a big motivator for many owners to get moving with their succession plans to achieve the March deadline.

Business deal experience around the table.

Legal Clarity is a Commercial law firm in Birmingham that has a highly experienced deal-making team. Many team members have previously worked at large corporate firms and bring this deal-making knowledge and experience with them.

Powerful automation; it creates more time to focus on the business deal essentials.

The CLARILIS legal document management system is integrated into our Commercial law firm processes. Software automation increases accuracy and dramatically cuts down the administration time. This enables the team to focus on any deal’s strategic nuances and moving the deal forward, ensuring the best business outcomes and process for our clients.

Collaboration is critical to the fast conclusion business deals.

By culture, we are objective and team collaborative rather than confrontational. The focus of any business deal endeavour is always about getting the deal done, on the right terms with minimal distraction, building good relationships with all involved – including the advisers on the ‘other side.’ Our approach involves helping to establish the best structure for any deal as well as working constructively with accountants, CF advisers, brokers and tax advisers.

Here is the summary of the ten deals in four days:

  1. Sale of Flexmort, the market leader in flexible mortuary cooling solutions to a group of investors led by Noar Limited
  2. VIAMBO of Aerocom (UK) Ltd, involved in the supply of hospital pneumatic tube systems with 93 major NHS & provate hospitals in the UK.
  3. Sale to Employee Ownership Trust of subsea engineering and training business in the oil and gas industry.
  4. Sale of Coral Products (Mouldings) Limited and Interpack Limited on behalf of Coral Products plc to One51 ES Plastics Limited, the UK subsidiary of the IPL Plastics Group, for an initial net cash consideration of £7.9 million.
  5. Purchase of Customised Packaging Limited, a plastics sheet extrusion and vacuum forming manufacturer, by Coral Products plc for £1.25 million.
  6. Acting on behalf of the management team on an £8m VIAMBO of a specialist IT solutions provider.
  7. Share sale of Coventry-based “In Transit” Transport Services Limited to Shilling Group.
  8. MBO of Birmingham based office fit out company.
  9. Partial Exit and Reorganisation involving incoming management and an EMI scheme, for Midlands based manufacturer and supplier of welfare cabins, portable toilets, secure storage and tool charge stations to the construction industry.
  10. Exit for some shareholders, combined with a Partial Exit for other shareholders with management acquiring a larger shareholding for an existing West Midlands based client specialising in the supply of forklifts.

Buying or selling a business.


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