Possible Capital Gains Changes.

December 21, 2020

Want the best succession plan for your business?
You need to act now.

As speculation rises that Chancellor Rishi Sunak looks set to more than double Capital Gains Tax following unprecedented spending to tackle the pandemic, many business owners are bringing forward plans to sell their companies. For those wanting a smoother exit or succession that preserves the integrity of a business, this is the ideal moment to consider a Management Buyout (MBO), Management Buy-In (MBI) or Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Selling a business to the people who have helped to build it has considerable benefits right across an organisation. For current owners, it offers the security of a dedicated buyer – avoiding all the work and risk of having to find a buyer from outside the business, which becomes even more challenging if you operate in a niche market.

Plus, there’s the advantage of passing the business to a team who will be genuinely dedicated to making it further grow and prosper.

In the case of an EOT, there are even greater tax advantages as, at the moment, those selling their shares pay no Capital Gains Tax if the transaction is structured correctly. An EOT also means that employees can receive annual bonuses free from income tax.

With so many benefits to passing on your business through an MBO, MBI or EOT – and very little time before the Chancellor may make key budget changes – the time to act is now.

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