Company Secretarial Service
We offer a company secretarial service to legally document changes to your company’s details, to maintain your company’s record at Companies House and to act as your company secretary.
Note: Under the Companies Act 2006 companies are no longer required to appoint a company secretary. However companies’ obligations in relation to company secretarial matters remain – it is the responsibility of a company’s directors to ensure that those obligations are met.

All companies have company secretarial obligations. They are obliged to file a Confirmation Statement (previously annual return) with Companies House each year and to keep certain statutory registers complete and up to date. Each year and to keep certain statutory registers complete and up to date. In addition, changes in a company’s details, such as a change in officers (directors and secretaries), its registered office or its accounting reference date have to be legally documented and notified to Companies House.

What does our Company Secretarial Service include?
  • Holding and Maintaining your statutory Company Registers.
  • Preparation and electronic filing of Confirmation Statement. Our price includes the Companies House filing fee of £30 (£10 if submitted electronically).
  • Preparation of Written Resolutions and submission of filings relating to changes in Accounting Reference Date, change in location of Registered Office, appointment/removal and changes in the details of Directors and Secretaries. With no per transaction fee.
  • Formal appointment as your company secretary (this is included in our annual fee but is optional).
  • A company secretarial helpline.


Total Price: £200 + VAT

Including the Confirmation Statement filling fee of £30.00 for a paper filing and £10 for the preparation of an electronic filing.

Do you also need a Registered Office or Nominee Shareholder Service for your company? These services are only £175 plus VAT per annum when ordered with our Company Secretarial Service.

Why do companies use this service?
  1. Statutory Registers
    UK companies are required to keep up to date statutory registers in respect of members, people with significant control, directors, directors’ residential addresses, company secretaries, charges and debentures (amongst others). We hold your statutory registers at our offices and update them as required.
  2. Written Resolutions and Filings
    We draft all of the necessary written resolutions to effect any desired change in your company’s officers, registered office or accounting reference date, and make appropriate filings at Companies House on your behalf within the mandated time period to avoid potential fines. Our service provides all the necessary paperwork and all forms are submitted electronically on your behalf.
  3. Confirmation Statement
    UK companies are required by law to file an Confirmation Statement with Companies House. Our service compares the information in your statutory books with the public record at Companies House, asks you for details of any changes and, after any appropriate amendments are made, submits your Confirmation Statement electronically. The government filing fee in respect of this return is included in our annual fee.