A Joint Venture Agreement regulates the relationship between two or more businesses who wish to undertake a specific joint business activity or project together.

There are many legal routes to the establishment of a joint venture. The more popular of these are:

  • Contractual Joint Venture – a contract which regulates the business relationship between the parties.
  • Company – forming a new company in which the joint venture partners are shareholders. The main terms of the agreement between the shareholders are set-out in a joint venture/shareholders agreement.
  • Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership – entering into a partnership or forming a limited liability partnership in which the joint venture partners are partners / members. The main terms of the agreement between the members would be contained in a partnership / LLP agreement.

The optimal structure for a given joint venture will depend on the nature of the parties and their business relationship. We would be very happy to advise you in this regard.

It is very important that the terms of a joint venture arrangement are set out clearly in an appropriate agreement. Specific provisions will need to be included to deal with, for example, operating and managing the joint venture, contributions of time and resources, meeting expenses and distributing profits.

What does our package include?

Detailed Consultation – with one of our solicitors to provide advice and to take detailed instructions.

  1. Drafting a Joint Venture Agreement – a comprehensive agreement tailored to the requirements of your joint venture.
  2. Guidance – written in plain English.
  3. Liaising with you and your accountants – as required


From £975 + VAT

Do you also need to form an company?
Our formation service is only
£34 + VAT when ordered with a Joint Venture Agreement.