Our Mortgage drafting service is suitable for mortgages taken out to secure a commercial loan.

A lender may seek to take security in the form of a charge by way of a legal mortgage over property in order to improve his position in the event of insolvency of the borrower. Having security, such as a mortgage, means that the lender will rank higher that the borrower’s unsecured creditors and certain other secured creditors and will increase the probability of the mortgagor recovering the underlying loan.

The terms of the Mortgage document will set out a description of the property to be mortgaged, a covenant on the part of the borrower to pay and to pay interest, enforcement powers and restrictions on disposal of the property, as well as a number of other provisions dependent upon the type of mortgage you require.

What does our service include?

  1. Telephone Consultation – to provide guidance and take detailed instructions.
  2. Mortgage Deed – tailored to your requirements.
  3. Registration of the Mortage at the Land Registry and Companies House – where appropriate.
  4. Guidance – written in plain English.
  5. Updating Statutory Registers.


From £950 + VAT

Please contact us for a fixed quotation.

A mortgage may form part of a wider suite of security required by a lender and is commonly included in a Debenture – please see our Debenture drafting service for more details.

If you have already entered into a Mortgage but would like some assistance with registering it at Companies House or the Land Registry, please refer to our Charges Registration Service.

BANK LENDING FACILITIES: When borrowing from a bank, a mortgage may be one of the forms of security required by the bank. We would be happy to review the bank’s proposed documentation with you and to explain what your rights and obligations are. Please contact us for further details.