Our Preference Share Issue service is suitable for companies incorporated in the UK.

Preference shares, as the name suggests, are shares in a company that have certain preferred rights over other shares in the company. These preferences are commonly in relation to dividends and/or a return of capital so that preference shareholders have a right to a dividend and to a repayment of capital ahead of other shareholders.

You might want to issue preference shares as a means of raising investment in your company, for example where borrowing is not available or where the investor is willing to accept that it will only see a return on its loan/investment if the company has distributable profits (in exchange for a larger return naturally).

Often preference shareholders have no right to vote unless their dividend is in arrears or the matter being voted on affects their position on a winding up of the company.

The issue of preference shares is regulated by the Articles of Association of a company, company law (in particular the Companies Act 2006) and any Shareholders Agreement entered into by the relevant shareholders.

If you wish to issue preference shares we can assist you by:

  • Advising on the options and alternatives available.
  • Reviewing the company’s existing Articles of Association, any Shareholders Agreement and any other documents that may impact on the issue of preference shares.
  • Amending the company’s Articles of Association.
  • Drafting directors and shareholders resolutions to amend the Articles, approve the allotment of preference shares and to waive pre-emption rights.
  • Preparing share certificates.
  • Making all necessary filings at Companies House.
  • Updating the company’s registers as required.

We will provide you with a fixed quotation to prepare all of the necessary documentation.


From £800+VAT

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