Share Option Agreement


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Our Share Option Agreement package is suitable for parties wishing to grant an option over shares held in a UK company. Our agreements are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

We draft all varieties of share option including, put options, call options and cross-options (including those linked to insurance policies). Our agreements are drafted to meet your specific requirements and the commercial reality of the circumstances giving rise to the option – in particular: when, how, at what price, in what circumstances and subject to what conditions can the option be exercised.

We do not provide a standard share option agreement that claims to be suitable in every situation. We draft an agreement to meet your specific needs.

What does our package include?

  1. Telephone Conference – to provide guidance and to take detailed instructions.
  2. Share Option Agreement – a comprehensive agreement drafted in accordance with your instructions.
  3. Guidance – written in plain English.

Note: Our share option agreements are suitable for unlisted shares only.


From £700 + VAT

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