EO Boost 2020.

November 3, 2020

Legal Clarity are delighted to be part of EO Boost 2020.

Organised by the Employee Ownership Association, EO Boost provides EOA members, EO businesses and those exploring employee ownership the opportunity to boost their expertise or gain more current knowledge and insight about employee ownership in the UK.

In a year of such uncertainty, we are committed to helping others understand better the economic and wider benefits of the employee ownership model.

Employee ownership is one of the key services we deliver and are passionate about, not only in providing all necessary legal support for the transition but supporting our clients beyond that in leveraging the benefits of the model and helping bring it to life.



Legal Clarity has almost a decade of experience delivering employee ownership transitions and acting as trustee director in businesses going forward. This means we are not only familiar with all of the issues to be addressed at the time of the initial transition, but understand the day to day realities in bringing the model to life and helping secure the engagement, financial and other many benefits it brings.

We partner with companies in all sectors looking to build a secure succession and exploit the opportunities of employee ownership. We also recognise that you need other support in making the transition, and have built a close and trusted network of consultants or advisers who can assist you in areas such as engagement, communications, valuation and financing.

While we’re fluent in the legal process involved in establishing Employee Ownership, we always approach it from our client’s point of view. Whether you’re a start-up or an established firm, we will personally guide you through every aspect of set-up, recognising that the model you adopt and how it works will be unique to you.

If you would like to explore Employee Ownership for your business, get in touch

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